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I reached a big milestone as a blogger last week – I hosted an event! As I’ve posted in the recent past (here), Sine Qua Non salons in Chicago chose me and three other local bloggers to be the faces of their new Desperate Measures campaign, as well as to help launch their new Siné line of haircare products – by throwing a party! 


The Siné Everyday Oil is the first product to come out, just in time to keep up with the new hair oil trend I not only read about all the time but am a huge fan of myself for nourishing my dry, over-processed locks. The oil is 100% vegan and can also be used on your skin. In fact, I heard a few gals say they’d used it to cure zits, cleanse their faces and even oil up a squeaky stroller wheel. Now that’s multi-purpose. 

Quick note on the hair oil trend I mentioned above. It may seem like a terrible idea to put oil in your hair, much in the same way that it feels weird to conceptualize cleansing your face with oil. But everyone is doing it these days and for good reason – it’s nourishing, moisturizing and de-frizzing. If you do have very fine hair, I would stay away from it. However, all other textures can use oil in their hair from the mid-shafts to ends only. NEVER ON YOUR ROOTS. Your scalp produces plenty of its own oil – no need to add more.

Sine qua non everything oil on belle meets world blog


What did I wear? One of my favorite summer dresses – it’s a color-block, pleated trapeze dress that I usually wear loose with silver accessories. But this time, I belted it up with a brown leather belt and jacket plus the gold gladiators I scored on my recent trip to NOLA. A tan clutch and gold jewelry locked the look together.

CONFESSION – I MADE THESE EARRINGS! I took a metal-smithing class recently, and these were my final outcome – they’re so imperfect and purposefully asymetrical, which makes them perfect for me.

handmade earrings on belle meets world blog

handmade earrings on belle meets world blog


As for the party – we had a blast getting pampered with our guests. SQN’s talented team treated us to hand massages, makeup touch-ups and a braid bar. At first I didn’t think there was a place for a braid in my short curly hair, but Jac – one of my favorite SQN styists – proved me wrong by adding a cute and small one on the side. It’s a perfect style for summer, and I love the way it looks. 

Many thanks to the teams at Sine Qua Non salons and Authentic Noise public relations for choosing me to be a part of such a wonderful adventure.