Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks - product test - on belle meets world blog

Today is a first for Belle Meets World – I’m conducting a new product test that will happen in two parts – the first being my first impressions, initial use and before photos (YIKES!) and the second being the results 4 weeks from now after I’ve given the Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks a real go to work their supposed magic on my puffy eyes, dark circles and dark spots.


The Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks are available at Walmart, and will soon be offered at ULTA. This is an important fact I’d like to point out because it means they are lower in price point ($12 each) – which is why I was so eager to try them and share the results with my readers. Skincare is SO EXPENSIVE; especially the kind that promises to solve our most sensitive anti-aging problems. And while I have a true affinity for some higher-priced brands like Clarins, not all of us – myself included – can afford to constantly re-up a $150 serum. I’ve been looking for more affordable products that I can rotate into my routine so that my fancy brands last longer yet my current skincare woes continue to get treated here and now.

Solutions 24 Clinical product test on belle meets world blog


The packaging is beautiful, flashy and makes it very clear what the product should do. I like that each item has a different color assigned to the problem it aims to solve, that there are before and after pictures (though I’m a little skeptical that photoshop might be responsible for the amazing results – we shall see), and clear directions for how and when to use the corrector stick. I also like that it gives me a road map of what results to expect immediately, in 4 weeks and then in 8 weeks. While I’d like to think I am an intelligent cosmetics consumer, I like that they hold my hand a bit more than most products would. In this case, that actually makes me feel more confident about trying the product because they’ve told me exactly how to do it.

The size and shape of the corrector sticks is really unique. They are small enough to fit in my purse or toiletry bag and look like mini roll-on deodorants – which I thought was pretty cute. They are also easy to apply because their small shape fits perfectly into the eye socket area, as well as on smaller dark spots.


WHOA. I hope this before picture of me doesn’t scare you off, but I wanted to show that I – just like you – am affected by dark circles and puffy eyes, as well as dark red acne scars on my chin area. I usually try so hard to cover all this up with cosmetics, but sometimes I worry that the heavy makeup makes me look older than I am and perhaps even contributes further to these issues. I’m really hopeful that these Solutions 24 Clinical Corrector Sticks could potentially solve the problems so that I can wear less makeup because I simply won’t need it. Hello, skin-confidence! I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

New product test - Solutions 24 Clinical - before photo - belle meets world blog

Stay tuned, my friends! We’ll revisit the topic in 4 weeks’ time!