shorts with heels on belle meets world blot

One of my favorite going-out looks is rocking shorts with heels. Together they are an unlikely pair since shorts are usually considered extremely casual and high heels are fancy. But that’s why I like to wear outfits like this so much – it makes me feel rebellious to do something unexpected! I believe anyone can give this a try, but I do have a couple rules of thumb I follow to keep the lines and the look balanced. Read on for my tips!

When I say balance, I simply mean that shredded jean cut-offs or faded chino shorts don’t necessarily fall into the category of heels-appropriate. That really is too casual to pair with stilettos. Super-duper booty shorts paired with heels also crosses the line into no longer age-appropriate for a gal in her 30s. 

When I rock this combo, I look for shorts that are midway down my thigh in a high-quality fabric. They aren’t so long that they look frumpy, and they still show off my legs. A pattern like this floral one, or maybe something with a sheen or sequins also ups the fancy factor so that the heels make a little more sense. I’ll often reach for a blazer or structured jacket to make it feel a little bit like a suit.  And suits are fancy.

As for the shoes I choose, this is where I have the most fun! For this look I grabbed these blue fringed numbers to pull out the blue flowers in the pattern on the shorts. Other ideas I’ve tried include sassy wedges with leather shorts; silver booties with sequined silk shorts; and a simple pair of black heels with black shorts, a black top and black leather jacket. 

Shorts: White House Black Market // Jacket: Banana Republic // Fringe Heels: Steve Madden

So go for it, ladies! Unleash your inner style-rebel, and give a chic shorts suit with heels a try. I’d love to hear your favorite shorts and heels combos in the comments below, as well, so sound off dear readyers!