Hip-flattering dressing on belle meets world blog

As a woman with wide hips and muscular legs, I’ve spent countless years studying and trying different ways to either hide or flatter these parts of my body that sometimes I hate and sometimes I embrace. (I’m a woman. I waffle about my body. We all do.) So when I find an outfit that flatters these parts, I wear the hell out of it. And I want to tell the rest of the big-hipped, female world about it – because in this case it cost me under $60!!! This post is about two things – flattering hips and shopping super-sales. Also – there are cute pics of my dog ahead, too.

So what exactly am I talking about?! Listen up ladies – anything that flares from the waist downward will flatter your body. This can come in the form of a fit n’ flare dress, a big fluffy skirt, or an exaggerated A-line dress like this one. The key is: tight and narrow on top with the flared bottom starting at your  narrowest parts and grazing over your widest parts like it ain’t no thang. I like to add a pair of pointy pumps to lengthen the line of my legs under the skirt.

Hip-flattering dressing on belle meets world blog

In the dead heat of summer, I’m calling on this little 60s mod A-line number to do the trick. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and a touch sexy – perfect for a casual date night, a brunch with friends or strolling with your dog…oh and it cost me $30!!! And the snakeskin printed pumps were only $26!!!! 

That’s right – I went on a little shopping spree at Banana Republic’s sale rack where everything was an additional 60% off the already marked-down price. And this isn’t a rare occurrence. Banana Republic has major price-cuts all the time. I love the challenge of making their high-quality, preppy items a little edgy – and doing so on the cheap. Next time you’re in the market for a little retail therapy without breaking the bank, I recommend heading here to find a body-flattering look. There is always a flared skirt on the racks – always!

And let’s give a warm welcome to my little puppy Bernie! He’s an old fluffy  man who likes to give you his leash as a present when he meets you. They say owners and pets start to look like each other over time but I’m pretty sure our outfits and hair matched from the start!