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Fuller, longer lashes are all the rage among women right now, and there are so many different ways to get them – at so many different price points! From Drugstore D-I-Y extensions to fancy primers from Sephora to professional lash extensions applied in the salon, I’m here today to share all the different options you have at your fingertips. I’ve tried them all! And I’m gifting my favorite long-lash-method to one of you wonderful readers. Read on to learn and to enter to win!

We’ve all grown up seeing coquettish women on TV bat their lashes to attract a man, so I can only venture to guess that the pursuit for longer lashes must stem from that – even if it’s subconscious. I find this so amusing because I’ve never once had a man notice my lashes – ever – no matter how long, dark and full. 

But whatever – most of the things I do for fashion and beauty are to impress and inspire other women anyway – so let’s go with that as the reason we’re all going bananas over extensions of all kinds. 


I was SHOCKED to find that my favorite option of all that I tried was the cheapest. My sister turned me onto these Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extensions and since she knows everything that’s cool just as it’s becoming cool (like all big sisters do), I had to listen up. This product from CVS has a cult following, and now I know why – they are amazing! A little messy when applying – but amazing!

You apply a coat of the mascara to clean lashes first. Then you swipe a coat of the wispy/powdery extensions to that wet base coat, followed by another coat of the mascara on top of those. Repeat as many times as you like to get “life-changing lashes”!

The fluffy extensions will get all over your face so make sure to brush them off with a powder brush before you leave the house. Use a little translucent powder on the brush to help them move off your skin!

Keep reading, though, because I’m giving away a set of these to one lucky reader!


Lash primers are the one thing in this whole experiment that I’ve actually known about and been using for a long time. They are usually white in color and applied before mascara. They coat the lash in a thick layer, creating a base for the mascara to cling to so that the finished product is fuller and longer – and darker. Have you ever tried coating your lid in white shadow first, then applying a colored shadow over it. It really makes the color pop. Same with the dark mascara over the white primer!

My current favorite is the Lancome CILS Booster XL. My dear friend Kristen turned me onto it, and I am obsessed!!! If you’ve got a middle of the range amount of money to spend (like $25-ish), then buy this now!! It’s the best one I’ve ever tried, and all my mascaras look good over it.


The salon experience was fascinating and admittedly uncomfortable because tape is placed along your under-eye area for a good hour while each lash is applied. The plus side is that it keeps your eyes from being glued shut, so it is important that the artist applying the lashes does it.

You can choose different thicknesses and lengths – from natural, to medium, to night out, to drag queen – and it’s totally determined by your own aesthetic, comfort level and patience for maintenance. For my first time, my favorite makeup artist Sabrina and I chose natural. 

Ultimately I loved the way they looked. I noticed an immediate difference but wasn’t overwhelmed by the change. In fact, I was able to wear glasses without eyeliner and only one light coat of mascara, and I still felt like my eyes popped – I never do this!

The downside to lash extensions from the salon is the price (over $100 for the initial application) and the regularity with which you’ll need to get them touched up (every few weeks). The upside is that you never have to wear eye makeup or tons of mascara. That’s pretty awesome.

When do I think they are a great option, though? For women with extra (extra) cash to drop on beauty or wanting to splurge on something special; And for special occasions, like when you’re getting married and you want your eyes to pop in photos. I’ve recommended them to every bride whose makeup I’ve done for her wedding, and they were definitely the perfect choice for her big day. 


Okay so your prize for making it all the way through this mega-post is the chance to win these amazing D-I-Y lash extensions! I’m giving away a Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit to one of you! The first step is to enter by leaving a comment below stating you are entering with your email. Or by using the Rafflecopter below- you’ll find that additional entries can be made through the widget by following me on Twitter (@EliseGiannasi) and liking my Facebook page (Belle Meets World)


Longer lashes on belle meets world blog

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Let’s get lashed!