If you’re like me, you get distracted and excited every season by all the new trends for nail colors. You run out to buy a bottle of the most amazing pool blue, use it once or twice and then throw it into the bucket of forgotten polishes, never to be used again. And while this is fun to do, what about those few dependable colors you can always rely on no matter what time of year, for any and every occasion? I’m talking work, play, holidays, the beach – you name it. Today, I’m sharing my best nail colors that work year round. 

My preference is to have 2 lights, 2 darks and 1 medium polish, all in neutral shades that complement each other. You can then rotate them from week to week, and they’ll pair nicely on hands and feet. Your lights should be breezy enough for the summer and soft enough for the winter, and your darks should be deep enough for a holiday party yet edgy enough to wear in warmer temps. I recommend:

  • LIGHTS: Nude/Apricot and Light Pink
  • MEDIUM: Gray or Brown
  • DARKS: Wine and Gunmetal – I like a little shimmer or metallic in these deeper shades so that they are a bit festive and not too stark.

The above picture shows my personal 5 that I use regularly, but in terms of brands I would recommend:

And don’t forget about the key tools you must have for solid at-home manicures:

  • STICKY BASE COAT – helps the polish adhere to your nails and reduces chips.
  • QUICK-DRYING TOP COAT – reduces chips, adds shine, and dries fast so you can get on with your life.
  • MANICURE GUIDE – keeps the polish off your skin. This is the coolest tool ever, and it works! 

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Happy manicuring!