I’ve been working really hard lately to decrease stress, and taking a bath has become one of my go-to treats for relaxation and alone time – especially now that we have our own place with TWO bathtubs! The key to perfecting bath time is the right ambience and activities, so I always take a few minutes to prepare for it. Read on to make the most of yours. You deserve it!

The first thing you must do is choose the bubbles. I love LUSH bath bombs because they smell amazing and are so beautiful, plus they fizz in the water which is mesmerizing to watch and helps you zone out before you head into relaxing tub time. I recommend buying a few different options for the bubbles so that you feel like you are choosing something special and personalized for yourself each time you take a bath.

Taking a bath is a great time to apply both a face mask and a hair mask and let them sit for a while to work their magic. It’s easy to forget to take extra self-care steps like masks, so the captive time of the bath provides the perfect excuse! While I’m filling up the tub, I’ll put on a sugar scrub mask by Skin Food and a deep conditioner by Kerastase.

Next, grab the candles for ambience, a cocktail to relax and a book to read. I love the smell of this L’Occitane candle, and my current cocktail obsession is a Moscow Mule (post coming soon on my recipe!). I’ve just started reading this book by David Brooks which my sister recommended but other times, I’ll grab a magazine or something more mindless. I also take the time to use an Egyptian loofah and SCRUB the crap out of my body. It’s good for increasing circulation, exfoliating your skin and detoxifying – plus my idol Dita Von Teese does it, so of course I have to do it, too.

Just as important as the bath itself, is the post-bath ritual. I’ll turn the shower on to rinse off the face and hair masks and to do a cold water rinse – it’s refreshing and brings you back to life. Then I’ll pull out all the face and body lotions and get to work moisturizing my everything. I use L’Occitane Creme Mains for hands and feet, Jergens Natural Glow for body and Glam Glow Glowstarter for face. I’ll also put on a scent – currently obsessed with Nest fragrances and packaging – and I even take the time to select the comfy clothes I put on afterwords to bring the experience to a close. I love Betsey Johnson intimates – she makes the cutest rompers and chemises that are super comfortable. 

Et voila – your own personal spa experience right at home!

Sure, it sounds like a lot of work for a silly little bath, but creating a ritual of positivity for yourself can bring a lot of harmony to a hectic life – we all need it, right?! What are your favorite bath time products and rituals? Let me know in the comments below!



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