My style is not for everyone – I tend to push the limits a bit beyond what most people are comfortable with – but I do like to provide some advice to those of you who want to take some risks in your own way. One of my favorite fashion risks to take is to mix and match patterns. It’s a fun way to be creative and coordinated, to mix high-end and low-end items, and to be a little different than everyone else around you. Read on for my tips to pull of pattern mixing and matching!

Whenever I mix and match patterns, I’ll keep the color palettes similar, and in this case, I also kept the size of the pattern elements (the circles and squares) the same. That said, I think this beautiful skirt would look great with a tiny polka dot top in the same colors, and the look would be way more subtle and appropriate for a casual or creative work environment. I stuck with black shoes and black and silver accessories and jewelry, as well to keep the main attention on the clothes.

In terms of mixing high and low, here’s what I mean: this skirt is by Moschino and one of the pieces I rented this week from my Rent the Runway unlimited subscription. This brand is way out of my price range, but since I rent it, I get to wear it as much as I like! This top is from Banana Republic – one of my favorite in-price-range brands, so I actually own the piece and it cost me under $50. I think the high and low paired so nicely together, and a lot of folks thought this was all one piece!

And let’s talk about this mural! One of my favorite things about Atlanta so far is how many amazing murals there are, especially in my part of town (Cabbagetown and Edgewater). This one by @felipepantone is by far my favorite. This outfit was inspired by it, in fact! Expect to see a lot more outfits staged in front of street art in the coming months.

Skirt: Boutique Moschino via Rent the Runway // Top: Banana Republic (similar) // Shoes: Coach via DSW (similar)// Sunglasses: Silvano Apparel (c/o) // Jewelry: Swarovski (similar) and my own // Belt: my own (similar)

Got any other advice for mixing and matching patterns? Leave it in the comments below!



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