Let’s face it, the Off-The-Shoulder trend is here to stay – at least for another season. I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical of it at first and didn’t buy any ‘OTS’ tops. But once it became mainstream and I was forced to look at every woman’s shoulders from here to kingdom come on a daily basis, it creeped into my subconscious aesthetic. And suddenly I had to have one. Then another. And another. And now, I love the look and don’t want it to stop!

A shirt that shows this much skin is inherently a warmer-weather look in my mind but to take it into fall, I recommend looking for styles in neutral colors with longer sleeves and longer hems – like this bell-sleeved option I received from SheInside. It is under $25 (YEP, not kidding and they have a number of other options for similar prices in different colors and styles – like here, hereand here). It provides just a touch more coverage on the arms and the butt than most summertime cropped options. I can easily pair it with jeans, pumps, a wool hat, and a ribbon worn choker-style. Another way I’d wear this for fall is with a denim skirt, scarf and booties (I’ll add tights when it gets cooler). 

Other ideas for transitioning your summer OTS tops into fall pieces include: try pairing a sleeveless trench or blazer with it. The exposed shoulder and the jacket color will make a nice visual combo and you won’t look like you missed the memo that it is fall. Most stores are carrying sleeveless blazers right now, but I recommend an option like this one from Banana Republic. Another idea is to wear a skin tight tissue-weight turtleneck underneath one – also a cool visual combination but one that requires a little more fashion-guts to pull off. J. Crew has fantastic tissue t-necks that I love, by the way. 

Top: SheIn (c/o) // Jeans: J. Crew (similar here) // Suede pumps: Rachel Zoe (similar here) // Sunglasses: LOFT

Well, what do you think? Will you be wearing your OTS tops this fall? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. for more sleeveless blazer ideas, you might like this post I wrote on tomboy style at work.

While this top was given to me by SheInside, the opinions and thoughts expressed here are 100%my own. Thank you to SheInside for partnering with me on this post, and thank you for supporting the brands that support Belle Meets World.