I’ve come to learn that you shouldn’t get rid of unique pieces of clothing because eventually, they’ll come back around in style and on trend. Take flared sailor pants, for example. They are EVERYWHERE this season. I scored a pair at a clothing swap last year and have been wearing them a lot – to many people’s dismay. “Oh. Are those back in style?,” someone asked me. “Wow, you have a lot of guts to wear something like that,” I’d hear. But check it out! These pants are finally on all the racks, and they look good on most women. Why? Because the front flap flattens a major problem area, and the flared leg helps to balance out our curves. So lucky for all of us, you can buy these pretty much anywhere right now – oh, and I am finally vindicated in my pursuit of the flared sailor pant!!

How to wear them? I always wear sailor pants with a platformed shoe, and I recommend you do too because you never want them to drag on the ground – and you want the flare to fly! Given how wide the silhouette is at the bottom, you want to add as much height as you can to slim the whole line out. 

This summer and early fall season I’ve also been pairing these with a similar color palette in my shoes, shirt and scarf. A scarf is such a great way to seal the deal with these pants because it really makes the look nautical without going overboard. It also brings the look up a notch if you were to wear them to a casual workplace. That’s right – from a professional standpoint, these pants are a great alternative for work environments that allow jeans!

Side note – this backpack computer bag is one of my most fabulous finds from our time living in Mexico. The brand is Popolandia, a company based in Guadalajara that makes products from materials acquired via fair trade and that employs individuals at higher wages. I’ve been carrying it everywhere and it is the perfect answer to my stylish workwear prayers!

P.S. The photos above were shot at Mad Hat Creative in Inman Park in Atlanta. 

P.P.S. Below are two ways I’ve worn these pants on the blog in the last year or so – both looks are great ideas for fall too, and both show my devotion to platforms with these pants. Read the purple satin top post here about ways to prevent sweat stains. And read the denim on denim post here!