Oh, Hi! Readers, Friends and my beloved Community – it’s been too long since my last post. I just didn’t know what to write. All the recent and tragic news we’ve been reading everyday has made it so hard for me to face my blog and talk about things that seemingly don’t matter anymore – to me or the world at large. I mean WHO CARES about the latest mascara I’m loving these days or what I think you should wear to a job interview?! 

I’ve even considered abandoning the blog – for now, at least – while I focus on finding joy, strengthening my relationship, getting healthy, sleeping better (and more), learning my new job, and saving all the money I possibly can. Basically becoming a hermit who doesn’t live her life so publicly. One of the hazards of blogging is comparing myself to everyone else out there while trying to find my own unique voice (which I am struggling with – did you know the number one critique I get from people whose opinions I respect is that I’m not authentic and I don’t open up?). This has really taken its toll on me over the last couple months (okay, years) as I watch people find the success that I haven’t. Or as a I watch bloggers keep blogging without acknowledging the absolute HORROR that is on the news these days, as if we just keep on wearing blanket scarves and sparkly eyeshadow, all smiles while the world keeps spinning. 

But here’s the thing. All of these musings aside, I recently got a message from a friend – someone I hadn’t heard from in 20 years – looking for advice on what to wear to the interview of a lifetime, for a job she’d been working towards her entire career. She’d been reading my blog and needed my help. We chatted back and forth on ideas that made sense for her body, her ideal role, the profession, the city, etc….And…she got the job! No, it’s not because of me – she’s so talented and driven and qualified (which is so cool to see 20 years later!!). But man was I proud of this person I hardly know anymore, and I was honored to help her find something that would make her feel like she’d put her best foot forward while she pursues her dreams. I LIVE FOR THIS!!!

So. The point?! I’m revived. I may not be able to post 3 times a week like I want, but I’ll do my damndest, and I’ll bust my ass to keep putting forward curated content that I’m proud of and that I hope is entertaining – even in the wake of terrible news and a barrage of headlines we can’t stand. 

As we say goodbye to what can only be deemed ‘2016 – the worst year ever’ (I mean, seriously, have you ever experienced a year where pretty much everyone you know calls it that?), I sit here in front of my sparkly Christmas tree knowing that a small thing, like glittered ornaments or a new face mask, has to be enough to post about – for now. 

Happiest of Holidays – I am so appreciative to have each and every one of you be a part of my life via this blog. 

P.S. Would you like personal styling advice? Email me – send pictures and questions and we’ll talk it through.  I’m always listening at [email protected]!