Happy 2017, Dear Readers! Anybody else thrilled to say goodbye to the wretched year that was 2016?! Many bloggers have written posts that reflect on their favorite moments from last year, but I simply don’t have that in me. It was one of the hardest years – both professionally and personally – of my life, and I don’t want to rehash it for anyone. What I want to do is look forward. Look forward with simplicity and positivity.

So here’s what I’m doing: one-word resolutions. If I can’t say it one word, then I can’t possibly expect to do it for the next 12 months straight. Because did I mention simplicity? So this year, I’ve made a list of words that stand for what I want to work on. They are easy to remember and easy to say in a mantra to remind myself what is important to me in 2017. I feel so much less pressure and so much more potential for success. 

Here are my top three one-word resolutions (and my daily mantra):

  • SAVE

SLEEP covers the following: I am convinced that improving my sleep will improve my life. To do this will require drinking less, eating well, exercising, limiting screen time, leaving work at work, meditating and actively relaxing – EVERYDAY. Wow – in one word, I’ve committed to several positive behaviors.

SAVE covers my desire to begin releasing myself from a focus on material things, to stop caring about what I need in order to keep up with the Joneses of blogging (and therefore stop comparing myself to others), to put my money where my savings account is, to focus on getting married and being able to pay for it.

SALAD speaks to wellness. Not only do I want to actually eat a salad each day, but I want to prioritize healthy foods and activities in my diet and my day so that I can crowd out the things I’ve given too much room (TV time, junky food, and wine – oh how I love thee, wine!!). I’ve gained weight, and I don’t feel comfortable  in my skin, nor do I feel healthy overall. SALAD.

Once I told Evan what I was doing, he got on board and we started making a longer list with other one-word resolutions we can each call on – maybe these will inspire you, too:

  • DRAW
  • YOGA
  • READ
  • COOK

Happy New Year, y’all! May you achieve everything you need (and want) this year.