Help! I have writer’s block. But not because I’ve run out of topics to write about. It’s because I’m still not that interested in style and beauty posting these days with the current political climate. It feels trivial. I feel hopeless and like I can’t help. And it seems pretty tone deaf to put content out there and not acknowledge all that’s going on, just smiling all happy like my life isn’t affected by it and hey, look my outfit’s great. The truth is, I’m struggling. But who isn’t? 

Some bloggers are starting to finally acknowledge what’s going on in America in various ways. Many aren’t because it’s off-brand, and blogs should be a HAPPY(!!!) distraction. A lot of readers have responded to them explaining that they go to blogs in order to escape the news and reality, so it’s okay to ignore and keep on posting all the fun shit. Here’s a great post by Hallie Wilson of Among Other Things. It’s one of the best posts I’ve read that gets political without getting political. She says it’s okay to look for joy during scary times, and it’s equally as okay to be angry. She also acknowledges that style bloggers can alienate audiences by delving too much into politics. I don’t disagree, and I certainly can’t begin to speak intelligently about what’s going on, but still I struggle to get okay with writing about attaining a stylish and beautiful lifestyle. Do you think bloggers should talk politics?

Instead of worrying about my blogging writer’s block and conflict too much, I’ve been focused on living a life that’s actually good, not just one I’m trying to make look good online. A life that’s kinder, more compassionate and understanding, less image-conscious, less giving-too-many-fucks, less social media, more humble, less wine, more exercise, more love, more sleeping, more reading, less comparing myself to other bloggers, less conflict, more meditation, more mindfulness. And this is the best way I can figure out how to cope with all that we’re up against these days.

It’s true, people come to style blogs for entertainment, so how about a bunch of pictures of me flying through the air in this amazing blue coat?? It was one of my last rentals from Rent the Runway before I ended my subscription. I love how unique all the wool dots look and the different colored yarn that’s used all over it. It felt like a giant blanket on this gloomy, rainy day of errands. The handbag (Zac Posen studded Eartha bag) I’d also rented had giant round studs on it that looked exactly like the dots on the coat, so I got the idea to wear them together and then to keep the dot theme going with my headscarf. The rest of the outfit I kept black to keep the attention on the coat.

P.s. These Derek Lam booties – I found them at a deeply-discounted shoe liquidator shop in Bristol, Tennessee for only $99. That is at least 90% off – HELLO. And the earrings are from my Rocksbox subscription. I liked that the white stone matched the white polka dots on my scarf (yep, I think about all these teeny tiny details because it brings me joy and distraction).