Hello Dear Readers! Since the start of 2017, I’ve been hard at work on my very own happiness project. Each month I’m working on something or a couple things that will both challenge and change me. Ideally I keep them going in the months to follow and add on something new with each month. For March, I’m challenging myself to write on this blog as much as I possibly can. Ideally that means 5 days per week, but I’m also learning to be flexible with myself as I strive to meet major goals, so we’ll aim for as close to 20 posts as I can get.

So why focus on writing so many blog posts in so little time? To master the art of writing in less time. To practice the state of being okay with giving my 80% best – I pour too much time and energy and effort and emotion into each word and every post. To stretch my ideas around style and beauty content. To push myself to be honest and raw with my audience on topics that women face – like weight gain or drinking or inadequacy or wedding planning. To become disciplined around photography and delivering on deadlines for brands. To get better at blogging. To create accountability for all of the above by working on a goal publicly. To grow. You know – all those simple easy things.

I’m starting out Day 1 with one of the best style ‘bangs’ I can – a fabulous red dress. Wearing one always makes me feel so powerful, like I can do whatever I want – which is a feeling I need as I embark on March’s writing challenge. This style is a particular favorite because of it’s long sleeves and asymmetrical hem – perfect for the cooler winter months. The ruffle adds a little Spanish fiesta flare to make it playful and sexy, too! See – you can dress up in winter – it’s not all sweaters and bulky shit. Until tomorrow!

Fun fact: These pictures are taken in Abingdon, Virginia at the historic Martha Washington hotel. These rocking chairs are their signature!