The original title of this post was, The Real World is Bleak. At Least There’s Hello Kitty, but that seemed a little morbid so I cut it down a bit – but the sentiment is still there. This weekend I did the unthinkable – spent two hours in line to spend $50 on cookies and merchandise covered in a cartoon cat. That’s right, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck made its way to Atlanta, and it was a divine break from the headlines and news and reality and screaming on Facebook. Sometimes it’s the fun little things that are worth indulging in to bring a little sunshine to your day.

How many of you ladies loved Hello Kitty and all her adorable little pals growing up? I lived for trips to the Sanrio store and the smell of the erasers and the pencils. You know what I’m talking about!!! Even now in my 30s, I still think there has never been a cuter character than her. When we arrived on Saturday morning at Atlantic Station, there was already a long line waiting for the cafe to open. I came up off the escalator and there she was, this majestic motorized vehicle covered in pretty pinkness. It was magical. We got in line with all the other grown-ass women – there were literally only 5 children in a sea of adults – and set about deciding what we were going to buy. It. was. a. blast. I chose a mug for my morning coffee, a bow-shaped water bottle, and some cakes and cookies. Oh yeah, and you get a free tote bag when you spend an exorbitant amount of money. Who doesn’t love free stuff they actually had to pay for?!?!

Want to know when the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is headed your way? Check out their Facebook page here to see the schedule. She’s on the move folks! Go out and get a little joy in your life!

And by the way, it was the best tasting coffee and cookie I’ve ever had – what a fantastic way to start my week. Here’s a peek below from my Instagram story if you didn’t catch it! Oh, and so this post is mildly about style, I wore a romper, leather jacket and OTK flat boots for the win!!