Jord wood watches worn by Elise Giannasi on Belle Meets World blog

Thank you to JORD watches for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Just this weekend I reached that annoying point in the year where I am so ready for spring but it is so not warm enough to wear all my new spring clothes, yet. It’s that awkward transition period that I cannot stand – like when you’re trying to grow your short hair out to a gloriously long mane but the in-between stage where you’re always pinning it up seems to last forever and ever (yep, currently happening to me as we speak, can you tell!?). So what do I do to bide the time? My secret is to bring all the elements of spring like a khaki trench coat, pastel leathers and lipsticks, colorful jewelry and a lightweight wood watch to my cool weather wear. I give off the vibe of spring without freezing my butt off. I’m basically willing spring to come with my fashion. It’s bound to work, I’m sure.

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One of the biggest changes in accessories I make when the weather warms up is my watch. Over fall and winter I’ve been wearing a very heavy watch in a deep black metal. For spring it’s just too much – too dark, too heavy, too punk. I need something fun and light to welcome spring, so I am thrilled to be working with JORD wood watches today. This Reece style is one of their newest women’s watch styles (which is awesome because not many people will have it), and I love that it has two different colors of wood and a neutral face. It will go with pretty much all my spring pastels and florals plus it’s subtle enough to hang with my other jewelry. It’s the perfect unique watch, actually. For these last few cool days, I’m putting it OVER my light pink leather gloves for a bit of a glamorous touch. I couldn’t wait until it got warm to wear it!

Jord Reece Wood Watch

When it arrived, I had two links removed – very simple at my local jeweler. The watch appeared like it wasn’t working but once I put it on and set the time, I realized it was my movement that keeps it ticking – oh yeah, Swiss mechanics!! It comes in a beautiful wood box with a cleaning cloth and wood preserving solution. Now for the really good stuff: ENTER MY GIVEAWAY HERE for a chance to win $100 off a JORD wood watch! As a thank you to all my readers from my kind friends at JORD, each entrant will get a $25 credit towards a watch. All details of the giveaway are at the end of this post.

Atlanta blogger Elise Giannasi

As for the rest of my look, pastel leather is my favorite trend for spring. Natural stone jewelry and matte pink lips are pretty fabulous too, so I’m going all in on these things now.

Purple Prada shoes

Jord wood watches worn by Atlanta blogger Elise Giannasi

Pink leather gloves and Jord wood watch

Jord Reece watch

Katy Kat Matte lipstick on Belle Meets World blog

Jord Reece watch

Go Karoo cat eye frames

Jord wood watch and Zac Posen Eartha bag

Jord wood watch and Zac Posen Eartha bag

Zac Posen Eartha bag worn by Atlanta blogger Elise Giannasi

Edgewood mural Atlanta

The contest will close March 19th at 11:59pm. The winner receives a $100 eGift Code. All other entrants receive a $25 eGift Code. The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire May 31st, 2017. Check out the JORD Women’s shop and Men’s shop for upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day gift ideas too.

Thank you to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Belle Meets World!