Believe it or not, I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed about her perfect wedding growing up. I didn’t think about the details or have a vision for what it would look like, where it would be or who would attend. I didn’t even think about the groom until much later in life when I started dating more seriously. When I met the man who would become my groom, it became a lot easier to imagine the day. But until then, the only thing I knew about my wedding very strongly was that my dress would not be white. It could be short, long, tight, flowy, or whatever the hell it would be. It would be a color – preferably pink – but I’d be open-minded.

When it’s actually come down to finding a dress that is 100% perfect – for me and for our wedding setting – it hasn’t been easy. I haven’t liked the number of options that abound. One day on Pinterest I like a romantic boho look. The next I like the most princessy of cupcake gowns you’ll ever see. And still the next day I want a knee-length simple shift in champagne (that’s not white, I keep telling myself). There are just too many choices – as if everything rides on this one dress you’ll wear for literally 6 hours of your life. I love and hate the concept all at the same time. Hate because it’s a freakin dress – why should it cost so much and who cares what I wear?! Love because you get an excuse to choose what you think is the prettiest dress ever while you are the center of attention for one night.

Ultimately, here’s what I still know. Choosing a non-traditional dress opens up so many more options, colors, cuts and styles than I was liking when I was just looking into the typical white wedding dress. Another thing I’ve learned – showing the things you like to your husband-to-be is not a bad thing. I don’t really go for the superstitious he can’t see your dress before the wedding thing, so Evan has helped me narrow down some styles, brands, and options. I trust his tastes, and I want him to like what I choose. Plus, he knows what is ‘me’ and will keep me grounded when I’m getting overwhelmed and astray with all the options out there.

Marchesa Notte gowns are really getting my attention these days. They are so utterly lovely, reasonably priced, well-made and eye-catching. I can’t get over the beauty of this season’s collection. In fact, I’ve chosen a Marchesa Notte gown for my wedding – but you won’t see it here yet! That’s for later, but wowee aren’t these just the most beautiful gowns you’ve ever seen?! If you’re looking for a non-traditional wedding dress option for a spring/summer wedding – these are the most perfect ones ever of all time!!


P.s. All images are via Marchesa Notte Spring 2017 collection.