Happy Friday, friends! What a week – I got stuck on an extended business trip in NY because of all the crazy storms in Georgia. In fact I’m still here while I write this – two days after I was supposed to be back! I worked a ton, shopped a ton, and missed home in Georgia a ton. Never thought I’d say that!! In today’s post I’m taking a break from the fancy-cam to show you some real life iPhone action from this week’s adventure!

I lived in NYC for 12 years so I feel mixed emotions whenever I’m here. I miss it, I hate it, I love it. Oh my! The good thing about a work trip is that I have no time to focus on the nostalgia – it’s 10-12 hours of work, then to my hotel, then do it again the next day. No time for friends, even! But one thing I’m very good at making time for is shopping!

My office is right near Grand Central (and the Chrysler Building!) so a lot of stores open really early and stay open really late. I’ve literally shopped at 8am and 9pm this week. I ran out of work clothes since my trip was drawn out, so I had to buy a dress from Banana Republic’s sale rack before heading into a meeting at 9am! Then I left the office at 8pm and had purchased a few new things for spring and summer by the time Zara had closed at 9pm. I’ve got this shopping thing down to an art and a science. So much good stuff to shoot for the blog – coming soon!

I even discovered an awesome store I haven’t tried before, & Other Stories. I tried on two things and bought one (the teal two-piece set above that needs a camisole underneath so my bra isn’t blowing in the wind like it is here) and put the other back (the drop-waist dress below – black band falls at my widest part so it’s not flattering).

I bought all of Zara (very top photo) because it’s next to my office and you basically have to walk through it to get to my hotel…so….yeah. Those silver oxfords will be perfect for my man’s upcoming rock show tour! Lots of standing requires stylish flats. And the handbags were on sale for $30 each so naturally I needed two.

I also managed to make it to a barre class at one of Exhale’s NY branches. I have to be honest, though, the Atlanta classes are WAY better. Less crowded, better facilities, cleaner gear, amazing instructors. I’m so grateful for my newly found fitness community there. It’s a really special thing!

Back to Atlanta – my new favorite place is Revolution Donuts – it’ll be my first stop when I return to town this weekend! Love the Raspberry Yeast, Coconut Cake and Dark Chocolate flavors the best there. Actually, right outside of it is where I shot my recent Old Navy nautical post!

I’m also loving the bar at the Loews hotel. That’s where my sister shot the photos from yesterday’s Easter Dress post that turned out so well. It’s also the building I work in and where my Exhale gym is! After our photo shoot we had some sister time over a lovely lavender cocktail. It was my favorite few hours of the week!