Sometimes a look is all about the accessories. It’s the extras you put together that make a simple piece of fashion into your own style. And the best part is that you can turn an outfit into killer-fashionista status with items that don’t cost that much at all. Case in point? This adorable Forever 21 watermelon bag and fruity sequin hat! I scored them here in Charleston this weekend for just about $40 and had to have them. So playful and fun for summer trips and adventures.

Midi dress and watermelon accessories

Banana Republic midi dress

This beautiful ponte midi dress is a recent find of mine from Banana Republic. It is the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn, and it makes me feel really feminine. I never understood the midi dress obsession until I tried this one on, and now I get it. If you buy one with an A-line cut and a well-structured fabric like this, it flatters your figure, covers you up, and still lets you feel a touch fancy. At the same time, you could wear it to a day at the beach, too!

Forever 21 watermelon accessories

Back to the accessories – you gotta have fun with it. That’s the joy of style! Sure a watermelon tote and sparkly hat might be a little ‘young’, but pairing them with a more refined outfit makes them work. Plus, these ombre Baublebar Crispin Drop earrings really made the cheaper pieces pop. They are my new favorite summertime set. They cost $48 which is a bit more than I’d normally pay for trendy earrings, but I’ve been pairing them with everything lately, so I’m definitely going to net out to about $1 per wear if not less!

Banana Republic striped midi dress

And finally, the block heel. It’s everything this season, and I’m thrilled they’ve been around and don’t seem to be going anywhere because they are so much more comfortable than stilettos. These 30-something feet just can’t take the super-duper high heels anymore! I found this pair of silver beauties at DSW for only $40. Grab ’em while you can!

Forever 21 hat

So are you picking up what I’m putting down? Style doesn’t have to cost a lot, and it should most definitely be fun. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Charming Charlie and Francesca’s are great places to find low-cost, on-trend, seasonal accessories. Start there for your spring and summer shopping – you can breathe new life into last year’s clothes without having to break the bank.

Banana republic striped dress

Forever 21 watermelon bag

Baublebar Crispin drops

Watermelon accessories

Forever 21 Accessories