Floral pants and top by LOFT

Ah the patterned pant. I’ve had such mixed feelings about it’s comeback because they don’t do a whole lot to flatter the figure, especially when you’re curvier on the bottom like I am. Instead they can make you look wider. The eyes of onlookers are swimming in a sea of prints and colors searching for the outline of your body and just can’t find it. Blech. But I started to buy into this trend when I found a cut and type of pattern that I think can work.

Patterned pants and top by LOFT

The key is to find a pair with a dark background and with a waist band that falls at the right place. A dark background is always more slimming because darker colors detract light and look smaller to the eye. It helps to make the pattern pop, too.  When I say the ‘right place’ for the waist band, in this case I actually mean below your belly button, not at your narrowest part (mine is above my belly button). If you have a waistband – especially an elastic one – that is pulled up to your narrowest part, the pattern will expand over your butt and will give it a widening, rounding effect. Not good. A waist band that sits a bit lower and flat like this one is better to keep the lines straight. A slight flared leg is better than a tapered hem, too. Again, clean lines, not round ones. I’d also recommend a slight heel to add height. In other words, you want to choose patterned pants with the right elements to combat the illusion of extra width.

Silver block heels by Laundry

So where did I find these amazing patterned patns? At one of my go-to stores, LOFT. They are called the Full Bloom Trouser and are on sale for under $50! I chose the matching top because I feel like the matching set gives a jumpsuit effect without being a jumpsuit (very hard to use the bathroom in, people!). But I’ll also wear these with a light-colored top or a navy top all summer long. I also like that the pattern is a floral. It gives the eye something pleasing and spring-like to look at rather than a geometric pattern (again, widening). It’s also well-spaced so the dark background shows through (again, slimming). The rest of the details are further below!!

Patterned pants for curves

Patterned pants for curves

Patterned pants for curves

Jack Germain Bette clutch

Patterned pants for curves

LOFT sunglasses

Floral pants by LOFT

Silver block heels

Patterned Pants and top: LOFT // Shoes: CL by Laundry // Sunglasses: LOFT // Bag: Jack Germain // Jewelry: Charming Charlie and Alexis Bittar

Floral pants for curvy bodies