Rompers. Love ’em or hate ’em – they are here to stay. As far as I can see it we can deal with this travesty in one of two ways: 1) avoid them all together (totally valid) or 2) find a style that flatters our bodies and doesn’t make us look like 12 year olds with no waists and butt cheeks hanging out (totally doable, I swear). The key to a successful romper situation is coverage. Let me explain…

Banana Republic Romper

Flattering romper by Banana Republic

What’s an age-appropriate, body-loving romper look like anyway? Like this one, of course! But if you don’t like this beautiful striped number I picked up at Banana Republic this season, here’s what to shop for in a romper.

The inseam is longer. My biggest gripe with rompers is they are cut too high. They end up going up your crotch and showing your butt. This may be acceptable when you are in your 20s but in your 30s, you gotta cover the butt and the lady parts. The people who have to look at you will appreciate it.

There is a tie or a seam at the waist. Notice I did not say it has elastic at the waist. Elastic bands can give a rounding effect to your butt if the elastic is too tight. You want some cinching at the waist to give the illusion of narrow-ness – but not too much.

The pattern is slimming. In this case, the stripes are vertical which has a lengthening effect. If you’re going to go with a pattern in your romper, choose a slimming one. In my last post about finding printed pants for curvy bodies, I explained that a dark background is key.

The V-neck is shallow. Sorry ladies, but I’m not big on letting the girls hang out. You’re wearing a onesie for heaven’s sake. Let’s just deal with that before we have to stare at your ta-tas, shall we?!

There might be sleeves. In this case, the sleeves add maturity, but not in a bad way. I mean in a classy way.

Banana Republic Striped Romper

Now that you know how to shop for your romper, how about how to dress for it?! The best way to wear a romper in my opinion is with a killer pair of heels to add even more length. Shorts can make your legs look stubby so you want to counteract that with the shoes. These Steve Madden Carrson heels are on every blogger’s IT LIST. Wanna know why? They go with everything! Snag a pair for under $100 and you will wear them almost year round. They come in a million colors, fabrics, patterns. No kidding. You won’t be sorry.

Banana Republic Striped Romper

Striped romper

Banana Republic Striped Romper

Steve Madden Carsson Sandals

Banana Republic rompers

Old Navy Sunglasses

Banana Republic Romper

Cult Gaia Ark Bag

Romper: Banana Republic // Shoes: Steve Madden Carrson Sandal // Necklace: Slate (c/o via Rocksbox), similar here, use code bellemeetsworldxoxo at checkout for 1 month free// Bag: Cult Gaia Ark Bag // Sunglasses: Old Navy (c/o) // Lipstick: FRESH Sugar

Cult Gaia Ark Bag