High-waisted shorts worn by Elise Giannasi of Belle Meets World blog

High-waisted shorts (and everything) continue to dominate the racks this season. While I love the way high-waisted things look on really tall super duper thin models in magazines, it’s not so easy to pull off if you’re oh I don’t know, a really woman with a real body. They can make your butt look bigger than you’d like if the waist is cut too narrow. They can highlight your front bulge (I’ve got one of those, thank you genetics) because there is not a waist band that usually sits over the wide bits, instead it’s over your small bits. Or in the case of shorts, the designer didn’t adjust the length so they are just as short as they are high. If I don’t want to show my bulge, do they really think I want my butt cheeks hanging out?!

High-waisted shorts

But I found a solution for how to pull off high-waisted shorts. Bow shorts! Thank goodness these have popped onto the scene. The bow helps to cover that front bulge I was talking about, and it draws your eye to the narrowest  part, your waist. Plus, the bow is adorable and really makes the outfit. What about the round butt effect? Well if you find a pair like these from J.Crew that’s cut in an A-line, you can limit that effect. The line splays outward rather than round-ward (is that a word?). As for length, these have a 3 1/2″ inseam. Don’t go any shorter than that or hello, tush. These come in a few different colors and prints, so I highly recommend. $75 or less for an item you’ll wear at least once a week all season can’t be beat!

J.Crew Bow shorts and ruffle top on Belle Meets World blog

If you really want to go for the gold, pair your high-waisted shorts with a ruffled shoulder top. This will add width up top and emphasize the narrowness of y our waist more. And I always try for a lengthening shoe – like a tall wedge – in shorts. It may feel weird to wear a heel with shorts but trust me. Longer-looking legs in these bad boys is key. Top it off with some killer statement earrings (couldn’t find these I’m wearing, so linked a similar pair) and a bag in a color that pops. Voila! You’ve created the perfect summer outfit!

J.Crew beaded star tassel earrings

All these pics were taken on our Saturday stroll through Cabbagetown here in Atlanta. We have the best backdrops for photos with all the murals here! All you bloggers should come on down to Cabbagetown – it’s your photoshooting

J.Crew Bow Shorts

J.Crew bow shorts and ruffle top on Belle Meets World blog

High-waisted Shorts, Top, Earrings (similar): J.Crew // Espadrilles: Marc Fisher // Handbag: Kate Spade // Lipstick: FRESH in Coral

High-waisted shorts on Belle Meets World blog

Marc Fisher espadrilles

J.Crew ruffle top

Orange tassel earrings on Belle Meets World blog

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