Target Gingham One Piece Swimsuit on Belle Meets World blog

I have pretty severe body insecurities. I think most women do. I *think* (right?! Hehe please say yes). For the most part, I’ve learned how to dress for my body; how to make the ‘big’ parts look smaller (flared skirts); how to bring your eye to my narrowest parts (belts); how to lengthen my legs (heels).

And I’ve poured my heart and soul into sharing what I’ve learned in this blog – all with the hopes of helping just one other woman (maybe more!) feel her best.

But there is nothing – NOTHING – that throws a woman off more than swimsuit season.

All you see in the media is pictures of women in tiny bikinis. And for a split second maybe you dream about putting one on yourself. And then you try one on. And you start judging yourself because of course you are your own worst critic. And then you rip it off and say hell no. Maybe next year.

Ring a bell? Anyone? Anyone?

So yeah. Maybe next year. But this year, and every year before that, I’m embracing the one piece swimsuit. And the coolest part about that is that there are SO many amazing one pieces out there now.

Gone are the days when a one piece was boring; when a one piece was something you wore because you couldn’t and wouldn’t wear a two piece. A fabulous one piece is a thing! Now you can call it a fancy French word – a ‘maillot’. Now they have prints, and ties, and cut-outs, and shirring, and rouching and on and on.

Now there is power and sexiness in the one piece. And I’m thrilled because that is how I roll. I simply don’t feel good in bikinis. I’m pretty sure I never will. No matter what my body looks like – to me or to you – I just am not a teeny-tiny bikini girl.

And you don’t have to be either just because magazines show you that you do.

Target Pom Pom Cover Up worn by Elise Giannasi

My favorite one piece swimsuit that I found this year is a vintage halter style in blue gingham from Target – under $40! Yes Target! They have fabulous one pieces right now. So does ModCloth. That’s where I’m buying from next. Theirs are a little more expensive at the under $100 price point but they are so freakin’ CUTE that it is WORTH IT.

Here are my top picks for one-pieces:

Don’t forget all your beach and pool accessories either. That’s part of making this insecurity-inspiring experience fun. A great cover up, sunnies and a fun beach tote are key. Don’t forget your SPF, a hat, colorful flip flops and even some fabulous earrings! WHY THE HECK NOT?!

Target Pom Pom Cover Up on Belle Meets World blog

Target Pom Pom Beach Tote and Old Navy Flip Flops

Suit: Target Blue Gingham Shirred Halter One Piece  (I also bought this one) // Cover Up: Target White Sheer Pom Pom Beach Cover // Beach Bag: Target Straw Pom Pom Tote // Earrings: Blue Beaded Tassels from Finnicky Filly in Charleston (love buying earrings there, similar here) // Sunnies: Target (similar here!) // Flip Flops: Old Navy (c/o)

Target Gingham One Piece Swimsuit on Belle Meets World blog