How to Switch to Natural Deodorant on Belle Meets World BlogAfter hearing hype about aluminum and its toxic effects on your body for years and years now, I finally made the switch to natural deodorant. Yes, even a super-sweaty Italian woman like me could do it. Which means you totally can, too!

A quick note on aluminum: Anti-perspirants use aluminum to block your sweat ducts from producing sweat. This is no good for your body – it needs to sweat to release the baddies from your pores. Aluminum in deodorant has also been linked to breast cancer.

Natural deodorant, on the other hand, gets a bad rap because it doesn’t ever ‘work’ the first time. What most people don’t know about switching is that it’s not a quick and easy thing to do. It takes a good month or more to fully transition your body off of years of duct-blocking aluminum and bacteria. In that month you’re going to reapply your new natural deodorant a lot and you’re going to stink for most of it. That’s your body ridding itself of years of bacteria compounded in those pit pores. Those are the facts. If you’re able to stick with it, though, you’ll be happy you did.

Ultimately, you’ll sweat less and you’ll also smell less or at least, smell different. The natural deodorant can do what it’s supposed to do – help with natural odor. Also, now’s a good time in the winter months to transition since you’re cold and buried under layers of sweaters. Go ahead and make the transition!


So what are the steps to make this work? First – just pick a natural deodorant and go for it. I’ll make some recs for brands below (I tried several) but remember that no matter which deo you pick, you are going to STINK the first couple weeks.

My best tip is to reapply throughout the day as often as you need. Because you will need to. If you are worried you smell, you probably do, so get that stuff slathered on those pits, gal!

You’ll also want to wear sweat guards in all your clothes because you’re going to sweat a ton. Even when you’re not moving. You will sweat. Your body is working double-time to unclog pores and get all the toxins OUT. It’s actually pretty cool to experience your body becoming free!

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, as well. You should be doing this anyway, of course. But I’ve read that in the transition time, it’s really good to uber-hydrate to get the toxins flowing out of your body.

Over time, you’ll notice you sweat less, that you need to reapply less and that you smell different. You’ll still have underarm odor, but it will actually smell totally different than what you used to smell like. Your body is a magical thing and it’s finally working the way it should in the pit department.


When choosing a natural deo, beware of baking soda! A lot of aluminum-free deodorants have baking soda – also labeled as sodium bicarbonate – in them. A lot of people have a sensitivity to it. I didn’t know I did until I started out with Schmidt’s charcoal deodorant. It burned my armpits! As in massive circle-sized burns in the middle of sleeveless top season. If you are concerned about this, I’d stay away. There are plenty of baking-soda free options.


So which aluminum-free deodorant should you choose? I’ve tried quite a few and have found a couple I really like. That said, I’m not convinced that there is one single natural deo that is the end all be all – most seem similar to each other in terms of ingredients. A lot of women I’ve talked to who have made the switch say they have to change up their natural deo every couple months because they feel it stopped working. I haven’t experienced this myself yet. Anyhoo..It’s up to you whether you like creamy, sticky, oily or dry(ish). The ones that feel more dry and similar to your old/regular deodorant are likely the baking soda ones, so beware. Just remember that the important thing is to detox your pits. Then you’re free!

Elise’s Top Picks: After trying several, these are the two I use and love the most.

  1. Kopari Beauty: Coconut Oil-focused; I’d put this in the oily category in terms of the way it feels on your skin. Smells nice. No sodium bicarbonate. Has a subscription program for a discount! I keep one in my bathroom and one in my purse. LINK HERE!
  2. Smarty Pits: This is not oily or sticky and uses magnesium and arrowroot. It is more reminiscent of your ‘regular’ deo. They have a full sensitive skin line without baking soda, too. The scents are lovely, and a portion of every sale is donated to breast cancer research. Subscribe to save! LINK HERE!

Follower Recommendations: Many of my Instagram friends shared their favorite brands, so here are some other options for you:

  1. Mega Babe
  2. La Vanila
  3. Schmidt’s
  4. Piper Wai
  5. Meow Meow Tweet
  6. Rock Crystal
  7. Lone Deodorant
  8. Native

Have you made the switch? Do you have a brand you love? Tell me about your experience and share your tips in the comments below!

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