Spanx Bras on Belle Meets World Blog

For years I’ve tried so many different bras and never felt like I found MY BRA. I recently asked friends on Facebook for recommendations and if anyone had tried the Spanx Bra-lellujah. I wanted recs but I also had my eye on this particular bra because I’d heard good things on social media but never directly from someone I knew. One person said she’d tried it and loved it AND they’d just released a wireless version.

So, having a put a bit of money aside to get a full set of bras (6) and matching undies, I set out to try a few Spanx options. The punchline: I LOVE THEM. I purchased 2 of the new Bra-lellujuah Wireless bras, 3 of the original Bra-lellujah Full Coverage bras and 1 of the Lightly Lined Bralettes for weekends.

Spanx Bras on Belle Meets World Blog

Ideally I would’ve been able to go get fitted but since we’re in a pandemic, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge on buying online since we don’t know when we will ever get to be fitted in person again!

Here’s what I love about the Spanx Bra-lellujah:

The Bra-lellujahs are actually comfortable, have a front closure, straps that stay in place, and a back smoothing fabric band (same fabric as a pair of Spanx). In nearly ever bra I’ve ever had, the back closure scratches me, the straps fall off and my back skin pokes out around the band. Not so with the Spanx Bra-lellujah.

Downsides to Spanx bras:

The straps are wide. When you are wearing a boat neck top or any of the square neck tops that are so popular this season, the straps can be seen.

Sizing for the Spanx Bra-lellujah:

All the reviews I read suggested you should size down on band and up on cup. I did this and am happy I did. In other words, if you are a 36B, go for a 34C. For the wireless version, I probably could’ve sized down even one more size to a 32.

Spanx Bras on Belle Meets World Blog
Spanx Bra-lellujah Full Coverage Bra

Pro-tip to find matching undies: 

If you can’t find the matching panties on the Spanx site or Nordstrom, try another vendor like Zappos or Amazon. That’s what I did and was able to complete the full bra and undie set through a few different sellers.

Other recommendations from followers:

Not into Spanx? Here are some other recs I received from followers:

  • Natori – several women mentioned Natori, particularly the underneath T-shirt bra.
  • On Gossamer – a woman who worked in lingerie only wears On Gossamer because they are so comfortable.
  • True & Co
  • Nordstrom Bra Department – nothing beats getting fit for a bra in person.
  • Wacoal

Happy Bra Shopping! And if you’re looking for more fun things to read here on this blog, try this post about my favorite 5-Second Magnetic Eyeshadow by NudeStix!

Spanx Bras on Belle Meets World Blog