T.G.I.F. Y’ALL!! Sure it’s St. Patrick’s Day and maybe you’re all wearing green but not me! It’s simply not my color. Guess you’ll have to pinch me. Know why? Because this spring season, I am going nautical and I’m doing it in style with one of my favorite brands, Old Navy. Know what that means? Easy on my budget. I’m saving for a wedding after all! Know what else that means? Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! Plus one of my favorite color-combos, navy and red. It’s easy to mix and match, looks sharp with all skin tones, and will work all the way through the summer season, too. Jump on in this post for two different looks and lots of inspiration. Let’s get nautical! 


2017 has been a major year for me so far. Sure we’re only three months in, but I have been deeply focused on changing my life. And not just in a New Years Resolutions that you never keep kind of way. I’m talking about a balls-out, admit to the dark and unhealthy paths I was very far down, and then do something about it no matter the cost, kind of way. It’s been the slowest, most painful, most spiritual, most honest, most deliberate, and most rewarding time of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. But even when you are your own worst critic, you aren’t always able to admit your worst flaws.


Just this weekend I reached that annoying point in the year where I am so ready for spring but it is so not warm enough to wear all my new spring clothes, yet. It’s that awkward transition period that I cannot stand – like when you’re trying to grow your short hair out to a gloriously long mane but the in-between stage where you’re always pinning it up seems to last forever and ever (yep, currently happening to me as we speak, can you tell!?). So what should you do to bide the time? My secret is to bring all the elements of spring like a khaki trench coat, pastel leathers, colorful jewelry and a lightweight wood watch to my cool weather wear. I give off the vibe of spring without freezing my butt off. I’m basically willing spring to come with my fashion. It’s bound to work, I’m sure. Need to be convinced to keep reading? Hop on into this post for $25 off and the chance to win $100 towards a new JORD watch