White Dress and Hologram Details

This dress was one of those $39 finds at my favorite shop in San Francisco, Cary Lane. This place is chock-full of samples – and is the same place I found The Fan and Decanter Dress!



I woke up feeling easy, breezy – it was windy outside and the weather had cooled off, which made me want to cling to summer and wear something equally as seasonal. I’m also obsessed with hologram everything right now, so this was my way to pick up on that trend without buying anything new.

  • This dress is VERY short in front, so I grabbed a slip I could wear under it that might also look like it was part of the dress. The slip also helped to smooth my bulges under the white dress
  • I started out with colorful shoes, but they took too much attention away from the dress, so I opted for neutral wedges that were just as summery as the dress. Plus they matched the nude slip.
  • I pulled out this charm I inherited from my aunt that she bought on a trip to Mexico decades ago. It picked up the holographic sequin colors perfectly, but it also made me feel connected to a piece of my past. Apparently she was quite the stylish lady, too.
  • And what about the silver cuff, you ask? Why, a birthday gift from my boyfriend! It’s so beautiful and hefty and fits my wrist perfectly and matched the silver metal of the necklace. Plus, the group of artisans that make it, Potluck Paris, melt down old silverware to create new pieces. I also have a pair of earrings made out of old spoons.
  • I went for a frosty, light pink lip to keep the look light, airy and flirty.
  • I chose not to carry a bag today but instead just my wallet and phone in hand. There was a risk that the look could be too fancy, so holding on to my necessities added a casual vibe.