Graphic Top and Leather Skirt – Two Ways

I got this top in Los Angeles at an amazing resale shop called Wasteland. It is by Clover Canyon, a brand that has amazing prints but that is normally WAY out of my price range. I went over my usual $50/item limit (this top was $55) because I truly believe this neoprene, designer top was a steal! Here’s how I’m wearing it on this lovely Saturday for brunch and then to dinner.



  • I chose this leather mini skirt because its A-line cut matched the lines of the top and its sleeves. I liked the idea of embracing the boxiness of the outfit.
  • Plus, the black triangle at the top of the shirt was accented well by the black skirt.
  • A leather skirt can be a little much in the day, so dressing it down with low low-heeled shoes that matched the colors in the top felt like the right approach for brunch.
  • The tan clutch matched some of the tan colors in the top, as well, and was the perfect neutral against the unique patterns and materials going on in the rest of the look.
  • I grabbed this pink and gold headband with the bleached peacock feather to make the look a little bit 60’s and to push the mane out of my face. My hair was huge this morning!
  • To take the look to dinner/night, I simply added high-heels to make the skirt appear shorter and sexier, and to emphasize the leather now that it’s time for going out!
  • The studded leather bracelet matched the shoes and the skirt, while the white and black studded bag tied the top, skirt, shoes and jewelry all together.
  • I let my hair go wild for night but left my makeup about the same from day time since there was so much going on in the outfit already.

Photo Credit for Night Look: Joni Kat Anderson