Tutu Magic

It’s Friday! Let’s talk Tutu! I bought this one months ago after a round of Sex and the City episodes I watched for the 100th time each. Whenever I need fashion inspiration, Carrie Bradshaw is certainly among the first I turn to.



I bought this skirt at a re-sale shop for $30 knowing I’d always wanted one just like this in order to create the Carrie Bradshaw look from the opening credits of Sex and the City. It was literally meant to be when I walked up to Second Time Around and saw it on a mannequin in a window! I tried for months to find the right occasion to wear it but it wasn’t until my boyfriend and I went to a retro-themed boxing match that I decided the time had come.

  • I paired the blush-colored skirt with a black top because the light color really needed a strong contrast against my light skin and hair. 
  • At the same time, I didn’t want the textures or silhouettes to be conflicting since tulle and ruffles are so distinct and in your face, so I chose the tightest black tank I had.
  • The fact that the tank had a bow on it was a bonus – it added femininity to a piece that could’ve been considered too stark if I wasn’t thoughtful about how I wore it.
  • The black belt and shoes were a natural choice for me because I wanted to continue the slimming black theme against such a wide skirt but I also wanted to balance the femininity with a little punkiness.
  • The blush-colored tulle hair piece matched the skirt perfectly in color and texture, but most importantly, grounded the skirt to something else on my body.
  • The gold bag is the wild card of the look. It is one I inherited from my aunt’s treasure trove of amazing 50s-70s accessories. It’s a winner and I felt it contrasted well against the blush and the black.
  • I chose not to wear jewelry on this night because I wanted all eyes on the skirt and the whole outfit.