Radiant Orchid – Two Ways

It’s the Pantone color of the year, y’all! Jump in your closet and see what you’ve got that’s purple because it’s a great spring and summer color. I can’t get enough. 



I will say, with a color this unique and well….purple, I wouldn’t go out and buy tons of pieces in it (maybe just one if I loved it and it was a bargain). I’m only wearing it a lot because I owned these pieces already, and it was just my luck that they were on trend!

  • For the first outfit, I chose this plaid halter because my boyfriend and I were heading on a weekend getaway in the country to a bed and breakfast – I wanted to look ready for a picnic!
  • I paired the tank with the clogs because the two purples were a perfect match – I was shocked! I’d bought them independently and I never planned to pair them together but as I was getting dressed, I had the Eureka moment to grab the shoes and test it. Voila!
  • Black shorts and a black belt made sense because I just wanted a neutral canvas to offset the purples.
  • For the second outfit, I chose the bright purple top for a day of errand running on the weekend. 
  • The top is a bit big, so it needs something under it to make me feel comfortable wearing it. I tried the dark purple tank top underneath because the purples were in the same hue – just a few shades apart from each other.
  • I paired the top with tight, dark jeans because I couldn’t figure out what else to put with them! Once I put them on, I knew it could work if I picked the right shoes and accessories.
  • I paired the top with tight, dark jeans because I couldn’t figure out what else to put with them, but since it is tunic length and wouldn’t show too much thigh, tight pants made sense once I tried them on. As long as I chose the right shoes and accessories, it would work.
  • The cream shoes made sense only because I chose the pearls to match.
  • Big hair was a must – but only because my boyfriend likes it!