Pretty in Pink – Part 2: Cocktail

This dress! Pepto pink, drop waist, pleats galore – all things that could count against a gal from a fashion, style and big-hipped perspective. But when I saw it on the rack at Cary Lane in San Francisco, I scooped it up real quick for a fun night on the town. Here’s why…



On this night, I was heading to a fashion show and knew I wanted to look a) fabulous (of course), b) timeless (so that I didn’t show up off-trend), but at the same time, c) slightly edgy to grab peoples’ attention…and compliments! 

  • My original vision for this dress was a lady-like, retro vibe. To me, those descriptors include pumps, a big necklace, and hair that is pulled back from your face.
  • The shoes with matching pink flowers were an obvious choice given the perfectly matching pink in the pattern (especially after such a positive experience with my first day wearing these shoes, which you can find on my Pink Shoes and a Pink Bag post!)
  • The yellow necklace added both the retro vibe I mentioned above, but also a playfulness that such a PINK dress requires. In other words, I saw it as ‘cutting the pinkness,’ so to speak. Plus, there are little hints of yellow in the flowers of the shoes.
  •  The tan bag made the most sense to me out of all the clutches I own because it blended in with the color palette of the rest of the look. I didn’t want to draw any attention to anything other than the pink-based color palette, and how cool I think the cut of this dress is!