Baubles bring me so much joy, but does anyone else struggle to justify dropping major dollars on jewelry like I do? I’ve taken numerous jewelry-making and metal-smithing courses and, even after seeing the time and skill it requires, I still don’t feel comfortable spending a lot on pieces for myself. At the same time, I believe that the right accessories can elevate any look and add polish where it counts. Jewels definitely have a place in my budget – just a very small place…Enter Rocksbox, an affordable (as in $19) monthly jewelry subscription service! Read on because I’ve got a code for you to get your first month FREE!

I’ve written about this jewelry subscription service before in last year’s holiday gift guide. They were a newer brand then and have since worked out some kinks, making the service very user-friendly, rewarding and fun. Plus,  they’ve recently made me a Rocksbox It Girl Influencer, so I’d like to re-spread the word. 

The reason I’m loving Rocksbox this second time around is because the pieces I received are 100% work-appropriate, but they also fold perfectly into my weekend attire. A feminine and subtle, yet edgy and sharp jewelry set adds the perfect touch to ALL of my looks and is exactly the vibe of my wardrobe at work and at play. I simply turn the dial up or down on my style depending on the day of the week and my audience. The jewelry stays the same!

This versatility is very important to me because I’ve taken on a new job and have been promoted in the last few months – I’ve had to step up my professional working attire during the week since I am interacting with very senior Partners all day. Monday – Friday, I aim to be polished and put together. My coordinated jewelry shows I took the extra step on my appearance; it shows I felt my colleagues were worth my time to get fully dressed; it conveys choice and power and personality. These little things matter and they say big things about how you feel about yourself and your work

On Saturday and Sunday, though, I gotta let loose! Anything goes when It comes to my clothes on those days, and I jump at the opportunity to wear some wacky shit. Keeping the jewelry simple let’s me really push the limits with my weekend wardrobe.

So, how did they know these items would work for me? When I rejoined Rocksbox, I took a survey that helped their stylists choose the perfect set. They usually give you one item you specifically picked and two others to complement it. It comes in a pretty little box with a greeting from your stylist explaining the pieces, plus a return mailing envelope.  

Additional benefits to the service include the chance to purchase any of the pieces you want to keep at a discounted price. If you refer friends and they sign up, you will receive $25 in forever spend that you can use towards purchasing the baubles. In fact, I ended up purchasing these druzy studs by Kendra Scott (similar here) and have been wearing them every day for the last two weeks. 

What happens next? I send back the bracelet and the necklace and wait for them to send me my next set! All for $19 per month! You can wear as much or as little as you want for as long or as short as you want. It’s an unlimited service, as long as you send back what you aren’t using.


Okay now I’ll stop yacking and give you your DISCOUNT CODE FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH OF ROCKSBOX FREE!

Enter BELLEMEETSWORLDXOXO at checkout, and enjoy! Head to to learn more and to sign up!