How to Wear a Statement CoatYou’ve probably seen them everywhere – beautiful pink boucle or red faux fur or gorgeous navy plaid or bright green wool – and thought I really want one but I don’t know how to wear a statement coat. Or that doesn’t match everything I own, why would I buy it? Or I could never pull that pattern/color off. I’m here to tell you that a) you can pull it off and b) you should consider having at least one statement coat in your wardrobe.

Statement coats aren’t intended to be worn with everything.

As a professional woman building a wardrobe of essentials, a statement coat is a sophisticated ‘extra’ that up-levels certain looks. You buy one for special occasions, for work days requiring extra power, or for neutral casual outfits that won’t compete with the coat. It’s a misconception that you would wear it with everything or that it should match all your tops and bottoms, so don’t ignore them on the racks! Here are a couple reasons to add one to your wardrobe:

  • They pump up your monochrome outfits for work and weekend:
    • Paired with a black pencil skirt and black turtleneck, a bright statement coat will take your everyday workwear to the next level. If you’ve got a client lunch, this will show them you take yourself and your style seriously.
    • Paired with white jeans and a white tee, it creates effortless weekend style while you’re running errands or meeting girlfriends for brunch. Add a matching hat like I did here and you’ve got a double monochrome thing going that will turn heads.
  • Special occasions and date nights deserve a special topper:
    • Paired with leather leggings, a sparkly top and feminine sandals, a statement coat rounds out your date night outfit perfectly. When you’re wearing it, it’s part of the look but when you shed it, you’ve still got style game.
    • Your little black dress never looked so perfect under a statement coat. I love an LBD but they are so boring sometimes. A fab coat makes the whole look dynamic yet sophisticated.

You don’t need to spend a lot on them.

My rule is $150 or less, and I would only go up to $150 if it was a very high-quality coat on super-sale where the original price was upwards of $300 or more. This pink one is from H&M (on sale for $60) and the faux fur red one is from Target ($50). Sure, a lower price tag may mean the coat isn’t the best quality. BUT, you aren’t wearing it that often so it should stay well-maintained and looking high-end.

Keep on scrolling to see my top picks under $150 – all of these are on sale so they are decent quality and won’t break the bank!

Look for unique details or complimentary colors.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, head STRAIGHT to the sale rack and look for a coat that will suit YOU. Stores are already preparing for spring styles so most coats are on sale right now. Here’s what I would search for:

  • A color that compliments your hair. Think bright green with blonde or periwinkle blue with a deep brunette.
  • Unique detailing or cuts. Think bell sleeves, embroidery, leather piping, faux fur or an asymmetrical zipper.
  • Patterns with staying power. A classy leopard print is very of-the-moment but will also stand the test of time. Animal prints aren’t going anywhere. The same goes for a rich plaid.


How to Wear A Statement Coat

How to Wear A Statement CoatHow to Wear A Statement Coat

How to Wear A Statement Coat

How to Wear A Statement Coat

How to Wear A Statement Coat

How to Wear A Statement Coat


All images by Morgan Hayes Photography