So what do you think of the Victoria Beckham for Target collection?! Some of it I love, and some of it I don’t love, but I definitely felt lucky to get my grubby little paws on a few pieces this weekend when it hit stores on Saturday! My favorite piece of all the loot I scored (it’s a crazy story how I got it! More on that in the post) is this amazing callalily black dress with the little flounce. It’s punky, feminine, unique, forgiving and uber-comfortable. I always like to get in on the special collection action at target because the designs are pretty well-tailored and of-the-moment with a great price tag. Plus Beckham’s signature flair is all over these pieces so a lot of them look higher end in my opinion.


This past weekend I was stuck in NYC after three flight cancellations and feeling really homesick. It got me thinking about the places that are starting to feel more like home now that I’ve moved away from New York – it’s just not here in the Big Apple anymore. I loved having the chance to see a few friends on the longest layover ever, but I had a hard time appreciating the survival of the fittest mentality that is required to keep up. I guess I’ve become a softy! And my style has softened up too. When I lived in NYC, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in sneakers and denim shorts. But things change, and so do people! 


Believe it or not, I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamed about her perfect wedding growing up. I didn’t think about the details or have a vision for what it would look like, where it would be or who would attend. I didn’t even think about the groom until much later in life when I started dating more seriously. When I met the man who would become my groom, it became a lot easier to imagine the day. But until then, the only thing I knew about my wedding very strongly was that my dress would not be white. It could be short, long, tight, flowy, or whatever the hell it would be. It would be a color – preferably pink – but I’d be open-minded.


When I was a kid I loved getting a new Easter dress every year. We would go to Belk or Uptons and I’d get to pick something out. My favorite dress one year was a little white cotton dress with a ruffled skirt and a big pink bow plus a white hat with a pink bow to match. It was my prized possession of the moment. Even as a little one I loved shopping so much. Then after church we’d get to find our Easter baskets and gorge ourselves on Cadbury creme eggs, Peeps and Jelly Beans. It was the best!


One of the most important things to me style-wise as the seasons change each year is having my spring wardrobe essentials purchased and planned. The weather can change to warm quickly here in the south, so I like to be ready. Who am I kidding? I also like to shop so any excuse will do. The good news is that most things you buy for spring, will last you through summer and into early fall here. If you drop a little cash up front on the right must-haves, you can look great for a good five months! That’s pretty economical if I do say so myself.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about going against the grain and what that does to boost your sense of self and get you closer to the things you want to achieve. Sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t. I’ve always struggled with desperately wanting to be different yet secretly wanting to be accepted by the people around me. I’ve had daydreams of a career on my own yet return to the corporate world again and again when the going gets tough and the money runs out. I will often take big leaps, only to find out I’m actually pretty risk averse. But in my mind, I’m a radical maverick who bucks tradition and laughs in the face of sameness. Hahaha!! Hello, mirror, can I look into you to get a dose of the truth?!