My Favorite Dress

This is my all-time favorite dress. It is the simplest piece I own but it has quickly become my go-to outfit when I’m pinched for time or ideas.

Pink Shoes and a Pink Bag

Some mornings, I’ll start my day by finding inspiration in the things around and taking a photograph of it. Sometimes it’s flowers or a cool car or a dress I haven’t figured out how to wear yet. 

Camo, Cargo and Epaulets

Today I was feeling sassy, irreverent and powerful. My eye went immediately to these camo shoes, and the rest of my look was built around them – in all their glory. 

Sleeveless Trenchcoat

I saw sleeveless blazers in nearly every magazine this season,  so I was inspired to wear my sleeveless trench for casual shopping and brunch days.

Navy Blue Jumpsuit

It’s in all the magazines and on all the racks. So, I took the leap and tried a jumpsuit – a risky move for a gal with hips!

Workwear: A Lace Jacket Speaks for Itself

I chose to wear boring all black with this jacket because it is anything but boring – it’s a yellow lace brocade, and it deserved all the attention.