Pretty in Pink – Part 1: Corporate

I’ve never worn a full-on pink dress, but when I found this on the sale rack for $14 at Banana Republic, I had to take a fashion risk and give it a try.

Radiant Orchid – Two Ways

It’s the Pantone color of the year, y’all! Jump in your closet and see what you’ve got that’s purple because it’s a great spring and summer color. I can’t get enough. 

Tutu Magic

It’s Friday! Let’s talk Tutu! I bought this one months ago after a round of Sex and the City episodes I watched for the 100th time each. Whenever I need fashion inspiration, Carrie Bradshaw is certainly among the first I turn to.

Floral Crop Top

I’ve had my eye on this crop top from American Apparel for a while, and thought it’s a little more 90s and on-trend than I feel comfortable with, there is something about the print that I loved and needed to wear myself.

Three Red Dresses – Worn One Way

A red dress is a powerful thing, and I own several of them. I wear almost all of them the same way  – put a belt on it, add sassy shoes and then something to tie it all together on top! See how I did it for three of my red favorites!

Sunday Blues – Crop Top and Sneakers

Today I’m experimenting with a casual vibe and am wearing (gasp!) sneakers! I only wear heels because i’m insecure about my large calves, but I’m heading to brunch, the farmer’s market and a mini-golf outing for my birthday, so today’s look requires comfy pieces that also make me feel stylish and feminine. So I went for it!