Feeling Preppy

While I usually save my out-there outfits for the weekends, on this particular Saturday, I was feeling a little preppy. I pulled out one of my work-week staples – the white oxford button-up shirt – to add some polish to a casual look for fall.

Workwear Secrets – Dress Becomes Top

Today, I’ll start with the big reveal first. Scroll down to get the rewind in motion! I snuck this very-old, very-worn, leopard-print dress under a flowy skirt to create the illusion of a structured top. 

Weekend Girl Time – Black and Blue

This Saturday was a total solo girl’s day – complete with a manicure, shopping and brunch. I wanted to look fabulous while doing all of my favorite things, so a furry vest, high heels, and a flirty skirt were my go-to pieces. Red lipstick and a good book were the best accessories. This whole look cost less than $200.

New Kicks – Coming to Terms with my (Flat) Demons

I’ve recently embarked on a journey to explore flat shoes. While this may sound ridiculous, it has been years since I would consider wearing flats for a couple reasons, including caring about what I *thought* men cared about and also, being short with big calves. BOGUS. 

Gray and Black from Head to Toe

This wool wrap sweater is one of my favorite fall/winter pieces. It’s as warm as a blanket, and kind of makes me look like I’m wearing a Luke Skywalker costume when I belt it up. If only light sabers were an acceptable accessory. Instead, I settled for a floppy hat!

Olive Coat and Burgundy Hat

I’m moving on from my brown and navy obsession for just a day or so to embrace another color combo I just can’t get enough of….olive and burgundy. This coat and hat are among the few items I purchased to enhance my wardrobe for fall!